Sunday, February 22, 2009


I had the most wonderful dream this morning/afternoon. And yes I was sleeping in. Often that accompanies a break and alone time.

But in this dream I saw my accomplishments, I saw a book of myself up until I passed. And this book was filled with published poetry, unsuccessful relationships, and crazy hairstyles. Certain people I'd expect were in it, and some who I'd expect were left out.

Overall, the idea that yes, I can be successful in poetry (perhaps not in love) is really incredibly self-rewarding. The idea alone is enough to make this day amazing, and prompt me to work really hard as I anticipate the oncoming news about the program.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

oh no.

Deadlines. We all have them.
Mine is today.

Only a dreadful sinking feeling can accompany this.
Perhaps inadequecy. What kind of program

only accepts 14 people? Elitist. I
want to be accepted. Please?

I had to write a "why I'm applying"
and I'll post it

If I get in. So cross
your fingers, if you are reading this

hold your breath, as I hold mine
for the next week.