Thursday, October 30, 2008

A leap of Faith.

So it's official that I'm an English Major. But where to now? I have to believe, and pour my soul into something that terrifies me. Why would I not be terrified if this is not what I want? I guess it's a bit cyclical.
I know this is what I want- and that terrifies me because I know I might not get it, and by accepting that I want I accept that it would be a great loss to not have it.
Oh, for expination: I want to be a creative writing major BUT it's incredibly competitive to make that leap between English and C.W. and I might not get accepted.
I don't know why that freezes me though.
I guess I must just pour my soul, as mentioned before, and watch it bleed when cut apart by a council.
I think it's mostly I don't feel ready to hear no, but it's too late to ignore it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So I'm a jerk

And forgot to do this until it is technically too late. But I figure that any effort is a good effort, and maybe I will touch someone with my words. Hopefully they won't sue.
Poverty is a horrible evil that many people ignore. It is ignored when we see the impoverished, it is ignored when we hear about their problems. Often it is surmounted that they should in fact "go get a job". With what? At where? Have you looked at the economy lately? Have you ever considered how difficult it is to get hired when you have no home address for checks, no phone, no shower even to make yourself appear a bit more proffesional?
No, probably not. But being homeless, or even impoverished with a home, is a serious problem that cannot be considered a personal problem. It affects families, the children being hurt and their opportunities severely lessened.
I don't have any sources, or any quotes. I've never been poor enough to cry about or worry, and I've only heard offhand stories. But I want you to know, as any must, that this is something worth hearing, and hopefully, helping.
Poverty isn't personal, it's a community problem, a national problem, an international problem. So listen.