Monday, January 19, 2009

Inspiration, Part Do.

I guess this is "inspired" by two instances dealing with other people.
Sometimes, writing is personal, but a lot of the time other people are huge inspirations. Consider this: Shakespeare wrote of relationships, and he wasn't schizophrenic. Nothing is written in a vacuum, and often the ripest subject is other people.
So you know that creepy person who keeps eyeing you in the corner? Why not talk to them? Where do you think Aqualung came from?
Inspiration is everywhere, in so many things outside of ourselves. So I guess, sometimes you need to get over yourself, and get out of yourself.


Amanda said...

Hmmm...while I do not disagree with your statments, I would like to remind you that any and all works about me must go through my agent and publicist first and foremost. Oh wait - you were talking about me right?? :)

Jennifer Innes said...

Aqualung was a misunderstood pervert/child predator. If only that show "to catch a predator" was around in the 70's... Thank you for giving him a shout out. :)